- An important a part of understanding our personality is learning its elements and essential aspects. Our personality contains of various elementary characteristics and constituents that compose the totality of an individual’s whole being. We'd like to know what these factors area unit so as for us to raise appreciate our distinctive personalities.

Sigmund Freud is thought for his study on the 3 basic parts that greatly have an effect on our personality. Supported his analysis, he found levels of awareness that square measure congruent to the 3 totally different components of the mind: conscious mind, precocious mind, and subconscious mind. Consistent with him, our aware mind includes our current or gift mental processes causative a serious half in our current awareness. 3 Components of Personality Development by Sigmund Freud.

1. Conscious mind

Conscious mind

It contains all the thoughts, memories, feelings, and desires of that we tend to aware at any given moment. This can be the facet of our mental process that we will assume and observe rationally. A locality of this includes our memory, that isn't perpetually a part of consciousness however will be retrieved simply at any time and brought into our awareness.

2. Preconscious mind

Preconscious mind

The preconscious consists of something that would probably be brought into the aware mind. In up to date scientific discipline, precocity thoughts square measure treated as concepts that square measure without delay accessible however that don't seem to be being actively thought of. These concepts square measure a part of traditional remembering. For instance, the name of your third grade teacher is probably going a part of your precocity memory, however reading this sentence may cause you to recall the name of that teacher.

3. Subconscious mind

Subconscious mind
Subconscious mind

The Subconscious in its simplest terms may be thought of that a part of you that's outside of your aware awareness, that makes automatic programs (Beliefs, Behaviors & Attitudes) to create life for you easier to control in while not having to position an excessive amount of focus and a spotlight on everything you're doing. As an example, our ability to drive a car: once we tend to get skilled. We tend to stop thinking that gears to use, that pedals to press, or that mirror to seem at, nonetheless will perpetually become attentive to what was done once we expect regarding it.

The mental awareness is our preconscious mind that contains those who we tend to area unit alert to, however we tend to don't extremely offer focus or listen. We will either commit to note of those things and purposefully let our aware mind bear in mind of them. The third a part of the human mind is that the subconscious wherever a number of our thoughts surpass the aware level. Then, there's a result which debate regarding levels of awareness. There are 3-parts of our personality: the id, ego, and super ego. These areas unit the results of our thinking, feeling, and behaviors.

Where the id functions based totally on pleasure-pain principle whereby our mind seeks to attain pleasure and avoid any kind of pain. The second is that the ego that is that the next part of our temperament that is that the heart of our consciousness. It's characterized by either of the dominant functions that area unit introversion or extroversion at the side of the opposite functions. It conjointly understands that there are a unit corresponding consequences to our behaviors. Then, The super ego is that the last part of our temperament within which our values and morals area unit contained. Our super ego can even offset or compensate the id.