- Personality defines us as a private or individual human. However will we become what we actually are? Generally we would like to develop ourselves who are what have known as personality development. There square measure some things in us as a private that we'd like to curb down and a few to boost. This is often potential solely through personal development.

4 Well-Known Theories of Personality Development
4 Well-Known Theories of Personality Development
There square measure sure outlined theories of personal development that we would like to seem at. These square measure numerous in numbers. Since personal development has been a significant topic of interest for a few of the foremost outstanding thinkers in scientific discipline, these are totally outlined and explained.
Theories of personal development several outstanding theorists developed stage theories to explain many steps and stages that occur on the trail of personal development. Delineated  below are a number of the theories that specialize in many aspects of personal development, together with psychological feature, social and ethical development. These are 4 well-known theories of personality development

1. Piaget’s Stages

Piaget’s Stages of psychological feature development Jean Piaget’s theory of psychological feature development is one in every of the foremost often cited in scientific discipline, despite being subject to goodly criticism. because several aspects of his theory haven't stood the take a look at of your time, the central plan remains vital these days that's, that the kids assume otherwise than adults. His theory has created important contributions within the world of personal development.

2. Freud’s Stages

Freud’s Stages of internal representation development He was one among the best-know thinkers within the space of personal development and remains the foremost debatable too. In his well-known stage theory of growth, Freud urged that personal develops piecemeal that area unit associated with specific sensitive zones. Failure to with success complete these stages, in step with him would cause personal issues in adulthood.

Freud’s Structural Model of Personality Freud’s conception of the ego and superego has gained prominence in well-liked culture. Despite lack of support and significant skepticism from several researchers, he's one in all the foremost researched one.

3. Erikson’s Stages

Erikson’s Stages of sufferer social Development Erik Erikson’s eight-stage theory of human development is one amongst the most effective noted theories in science. Whereas the idea builds on Freud’s stages of sufferer sexual development, Erikson selected to specialize in the importance of social relationships on personal development. The idea conjointly extends on the far side childhood to appear at development across the whole period of time.

4. Kohlberg’s Stages

Kohlberg’s Stages of ethical Development Lawrence Kohlberg developed a theory of personal development that centered on the expansion of ethical thought. Building on a two-stage method projected by Piaget, Kohlberg distended the speculation to incorporate six totally different stages. Whereas the speculation doesn't accommodate totally different genders and cultures equally, his theory remains vital within the understanding of personal development.