- Personal factors facilitate to clarify why completely different folks behave otherwise even once apparently within the same scenario and apparently having identical experiences. Environmental factors can assist you to explore a number of the items you may be able to amendment. These facilitate to clarify why difficult behaviors generally increase or decrease following any changes in wherever someone lives, or however they spend their days, or once the those who support them amendment. There are factors can influence personal developments. The 2 big factors are person’s behavior and environmental factors. Let’s check Personal Factors Influencing Development.

Personal Factors Influencing Development
Personal Factors Influencing Development

1. Personal factors that might influence a person’s behavior


This refers to the person’s physical state, for instance do they need any allergies, chronic diseases or a sensory impairment? It includes any mental state wants the person is experiencing and additionally whether or not any medicine they're taking may well be touching their behavior.

Personality and character

Is the person an extrovert or introvert, moody or ordered back, simply aroused and annoyed or quiet and withdrawn? however, will their temperament have an effect on their behavior?

Sense of self 

Does the person have a positive or negative self-image? Low or high self-esteem? What proportion self-data will the person have? Are their cultural and spiritual wants understood and addressed?

Communication skills

This includes the person’s ability to know and act on the communication of others and to speak their thoughts, feelings, and wishes to those they are with. Will the person hear and see clearly the verbal and nonverbal communication of others?

2. Environmental factors that may influence a person’s behavior

The quality of the physical environment

This includes lighting, noise, amount of personal space, heat, humidity, color, smells, etc.

The quality of the social environment

Is the person bored and below stimulated? Or is it too busy with too several folks? What's the standard of the person’s relationships? Are the key people in their life hostile and cold or showing emotion shut and supportive?

Power and choice

Can the person create selections in their daily life? Or do they need little or no control? Is that the person supported to create choices? Do the individuals supporting the person stress conformity and make them adjust to their wishes?

Other people’s communication

Do the individuals in day to day contact with the person communicate well or poorly? Do they use words and nonverbal communication that are too complicated and difficult?

It will typically be the case that non-public and environmental factors mix to cause someone to behave in difficult ways in which. For instance, if someone has problem in speaking because of their incapacity then this can be a private issue. However, if others have problem in understanding them then this can be an external issue which could build the case worse. Once each of those factors close, it's going to result in the person feeling annoyed or unnoticed and therefore the person may then behave during a difficult approach to urge folks to pay attention or note of them.